A downloadable microgame for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You're a poor, hungry, unsupervised child. Gather fallen tickets and cash them in for sustenance!  But beware, in Soviet Russia - Ticket Collects YOU!

Two players share the keyboard:
WASD + SPACE for player one and ARROW-KEYS + ENTER for player two.

Stranger Tickets was showcased at the Alamo Drafthouse Mueller location on Sunday November 19th 2017. It was built for the multiplayer Phony Island Game Jam hosted by Fantastic Arcade.

Some of the requirements of this jam included:

  • the gameplay could last no more than 30 seconds
  • the game had to be carnival themed and give out a number of tickets to each player
  • the game would be mixed in with others as part of a gameshow

To shake things up compared to the other games, we decided to turn things upside down!


Stranger Tickets v3 (win64).zip 98 MB
Stranger Tickets v3 (linux64).zip 100 MB
Stranger Tickets v3 (osx64).zip 107 MB

Install instructions

Play directly from your browser, no download required!

You can also download a version for your computer:

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